About Us


oulo is an active lifestyle based brand that thrives by offering clothing that can be worn round the clock, whilst providing comfort, style and durability. Our vibrant range is designed to make you feel confident and empowered from studio to street, with versatile designs that can be paired easily and keeping a stylish twist.

oulo was founded around the philosophy that you should never have to overpay for high quality active wear and our goal is to source the best quality materials and designs and bring them to you at a pocket friendly price tag, all while keeping an eco-conscious roadmap.


 Sustainability and People

At oulo the need and importance of a sustainable future is recognized and are committed to enhancing our product range as the world continues to move in this direction. We are committed to a future that respects our planet.

As we continue to grow, our goal is to transition our existing and most popular styles over to eco friendly fabrics such as bamboo, recycled polyester (rPET) and TENCEL's lyocell. Meanwhile, our standard nylon/polyester blends are high quality textiles that are durable and we aim to keep the designs timeless, to avoid falling into the category of fast fashion.

We are constantly working with our suppliers who guarantee enhanced quality while minimising negative impact on a social and environmental level. Before dealing with our suppliers, we ask them to reassure us that working conditions are fair along the supply chain and ask them to provide where possible, the relevant certificates for verification. Not only do we want our garments to have positive impact on those who use them but for those who make them and the world they were created in.


 The Founder

Meet Samantha, the founder. Sam is a yoga teacher from London but her first career was in Finance, working as a Trader in the City of London up until 2021. She now manages oulo full time as she transitions through an exciting career change.

The idea about starting oulo came about during the first lockdown in the UK, when she practically lived in leggings (who didn't?) and would always pick activewear out of pure comfort. Sam quickly found herself searching for cute yoga outfits to wear on a daily basis but found it difficult to find a trusting brand that provided a reasonable balance between quality and price. Does £80 for a pair of leggings or £40 for a sports bra sound familiar? 

With this in mind Sam made it her mission to fill this gap in the market, offering activewear essentials with a stylish twist and a range of colours.